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Entrepreneur, investor, travel influencer and digital nomad – Ravi Rajapaksha wears many hats! As the founder of Nextenco he is a driven digital entrepreneur specialising in digital marketing who is looking to help small businesses, influencers, coaches and entrepreneurs to leverage their social media to the fullest extent.

Ravi Rajapaksha is renowned for building digital brands for leading, highprofile clientele through social media and influencer marketing, especially on Instagram, Google and other social and digital media platforms.

A young digital marketing expert, Ravi is knowledgeable about all the trends and can provide a comprehensive insight to the world of marketing. He has worked with artists, influences, small businesses and realtors to grow their online presence. He can help your start-up grow brand publicity and awareness and can help skyrocket your Instagram growth with proven strategies.

Ravi has experience in helping your business to grow on Instagram and Google. He can help micro-influencer’s and start-up alike to boost their social media profiles and optimise their content to win leads. Ravi has the expertise to revolutionise your businesses marketing strategy and by working with him, you will see a massive growth in your digital media analytics and results.

Marketing is a sector where nothing is possible unless you have a strong network of relationships with influential people and companies. Nextenco Public Relations service aids businesses in growing internationally by getting them published in international premium news media in a click. Ravi is a recognised PR expert and has worked with entrepreneurs around the world. He has a love for helping younger entrepreneurs start their social media platforms and is an auto of the book ‘How to Gain Profits on Instagram for Small Business.’

Ravi has been interviewed by high-profile publications including The International Business Times , Yahoo Finanace, The week Magazine , Outlook Magazine , Disrupt Magazine and is featured on Wikitia. He has really made a mark within the digital sphere and is inspiring influencers and entrepreneurs every single day with his digital strategy. Ravi has gained a plethora of experience during his path to success, and is excited to be sharing it with other’s

. Ravi is passionate about travel. Hailing from Sri Lanka, he was blessed to grow up in the scenic village of Kandalama. Working close with tourist attractions and the Sri Lankan tourist industry, he fostered a love tourism and founded his first safari tour company ‘Sir Lanka Elephant Safari’ at a young age. He utilised social media to skyrocket this venture to success, and now teaches micro- influencers and other digital entrepreneurs how to replicate this success.

If you’re looking to revolutionise your businesses social media and find success on Instagram, contact Ravi today. He has the knowledge and expertise needed to take your business to new heights.

Some Of Our Clients Include:
  • Stone and Wave
  • Morrison Millwork
  • Mumu and Macaroons
  • Allie Crowe (Farmhouse 4010)
  • Mimosa Clay & Co.
  • Wife Your Life
  • Insite Properties
  • Accounting with Ashley
  • Windhaven Paper Co.
  • Locusts & Honey

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